Friday, 5 January 2007

on the beach...

Went down to the beach last night to cool off. It was about 32C most of the day and it was lovely and cool in the water. The dog loves the beach.... unfortunately we need to wait until 6PM to take her there though due to the restrictions in the summer months.

Even on hot days there aren't very many people on Venus Bay's Beaches, it's nothing like Bondi! On Bondi Beach on a day like today, there would be 3cm between the towels... at Venus Bay, you can still find a quiet spot on the sand all your own.

The beaches at Venus Bay are numbered - Beach No. 1 is the southern-most beach and the only one that is patrolled by the local SLSC. It is also the most accessible as the walk from the carpark is the least steep. Then Beach No 2, about 500m north of No. 1 is probably the hardest to get to by car, but an easy walk down the shore from one of the others. No. 3 is accessed up past the rubbish tip and offers a good view from the carpark, as do No's 4 and 5. Beach No. 5 is the northern-most entry and has steep stairs down to the beach. The carpark there is the best spot for a high-up view of Cape Liptrap to the south and the expanse of coast and sea. Public toilet facilites are available at Beach No's 1 and 5.

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