Monday, 3 September 2007

Whale washed up on Venus Bay Beach

A 15.5 metre male sperm whale was washed up on Venus Bay Beach No. 4 on Saturday 1st September.

These pictures were taken on Monday 3rd September, so if you plan to go for a look, take my advice and stand upwind from the carcass.

Click on the pictures for the full size.

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elzybaby said...

ahh yes that bloody whale.
on the 24th my grandfather and i decided to walk down to point smythe to have a look around.we parked our car at the carpark and walked and walked for miles trying to get to the beach but there was a block off caused by corroding banks so we walked back and on the way back near the carpark we met a man who was going to take some photos of a whale that he said was 80 feet long. grandad was tired from the walk so he said we will walk down and take a look at it the next day.
so on saturday we decided to walk from number 5 beach to the point to see this so called 80 foot whale.
we walked for a long while and we ended up seeing this massive whale (not quite as big as the man said but it still was huge) washed up by the tide. it was in the shallow water and the waves were flipping it over and over it was quite interesting to see such a big creature so close up.
we walked back to number five and went home.
the next week my cousin came down to the house and he was very keen on seeing this whale.
we went down to number five beach to begin our long walk to the point when we looked towards number 4 beach and saw a big black lump in the sand with people crowded around it.
we ran over and saw it washed up half buried in the sand.

we did a bloody lot of walking only for it to come to us.
stupid tides!