Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Lady of the Swamp

I found this interesting blog entry about "The Lady of the Swamp".

I'd like to get my hands on a copy of this book - both to read and for a friend who had one and lost it. It had sentimental value and I'm sure a replacement would be almost as good.

I'd heard the story before but always imagined it to be fictional - not realising that it was based on a true mystery.


Mick Pacholli said...

There is a play on the subject being developed at the moment.

b.boy said...

Mick, do you or anybody else have any details as to when the play is being staged?

A friend saw a poster for auditions in Tarwin Lower and I am really keen for more details, but can't seem to find any!

Andrew B said...


I think it was performed around the same time as the book was launched last year at the Tarwin Pub.

b.boy said...

That's a shame! Would have loved to see it - I love the area and the book was really interesting. My friend said the poster is still up in the window of the servo!

De Merlo said...

My uncle Charlie was the contractor who found her remains and almost every family member has a copy I have 3 and willing to give up one copy