Tuesday, 4 August 2009

New Tip Opening Hours

From Friday, August 21, the Venus Bay tip will be open on Friday mornings from 9 to 12 instead of in the afternoon. All other times remain the same.

Venus Bay Tip Times


Neil Poole said...

Hi Andrew,

One of the things that we haven't had in Venus Bay is a regular weather station.

If you want to put a new post in your blog, I have a permanent one that I installed in October this year and shows current and historical weather data and is updated every few minutes.

It can be accessed at the following URL:-


The map shows two weather stations (I'm in the second estate) but there is only one due to the site picking up data from different reporting sites and rounding of location data.

Anyway, if you want to put a post on your blog so others can enjoy the weather info it would be great...


Andrew B said...

Hi Neil, Thanks for providing the link. I'd be happy to share it. It must be a pretty sophisticated device.