Monday, 8 December 2008

Jupiter Bvd 50km/h Speed Limit

The section of Jupiter Boulevard west from the intersection with Canterbury Road will become a 50km/h speed zone in December.

New signs are planned for before the summer holiday season begins, so I'd expect to see them very soon.


info said...

Thanks for that. I've since found out it's an older, white 4WD with a speed camera sttached. I got the letter in the mail with the $225 fine... (and 3km over)

Believe me, you'd NEVER guess there was a speed camera there - no tinted windows etc.

I can't imagine how many people they have caught, and how many people will be caught. It doesn't take much - just a second lapse of concentartion and you're done.

Andrew B said...

That's terrible. Where was it?