Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Eyes open

As reported by "info" in a comment on another post:

There were also reported problems with people 'stealing' water at VB last year from unoccupied houses - so it would be good to have a blog about keeping your eyes open this summer for any suspicious tankers etc. as the police are interested in hearing of any activities. Any suggestions about how to protect a tank from being sucked dry is welcomed!

If you do see any suspicious water tankers - especially at unoccupied houses, let the Inverloch Police know on (03)5674-1202.

An unoccupied house is unlikely to be having water delivered unless it's newly built and missed out on the winter and spring rain.

Thanks to "info" for suggesting this post.


Anonymous said...

I've heard word too that people are trying to refloat the idea of building a bridge from Inverloch to Venus Bay. Do you know anything about this Andrew?

Andrew B said...

No, I haven't heard anything about this. I can't see it getting up though.

While it would be fantastic in terms of dramatically cutting travel times and fuel use to and from Venus Bay, it would be very expensive to build and an environmental hot potato.

The Tarwin Lower shopping centre would probably lose a huge slice of their business too with people taking advantage of a quick trip to Inverloch or Wonthaggi.

Anonymous said...

Any more news that you know of?

estatenumbertwoer said...

Gday Guys,

Just discovered the Blog and was wondering if you may be able to assist.

Pipies are being removed in and local authorities seem completely disinterested in enforcing bag limits.

This is the kind of thing i'm talking about;

I'm deeply concerned at the way the bag limits are not being enforced. Pipies are being removed in commerical amounts and sold in melbourne fish markets.

This is depleating resources and damaging the local eco system.

Has this been raised before, Does anyone else in town share my concerns?

Andrew B said...


Yes, it is a concern. I saw something about this in one of the local papers recently. I think Parks Victoria rangers visit occasionally, but probably not often enough to catch many people taking too many pipis.

Maybe a call to CrimeStoppers with the culprit's number plates might get some action.