Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Council selling off reserves

With the abundance of still vacant land available for sale in Venus Bay, it's amazing that the South Gippsland Shire Council is selling off the reserve blocks in the town.

The only conceivable reason is greed on behalf of the Shire for the money generated by their sale. There is no pressing need for more land to be made available.

Developing these pockets deprives the native animals of a home and makes Venus Bay a less attractive place to live and holiday. One of the charms of Venus Bay is it's low population density and quiet environment.

See the Save Our Venus Bay Reserves site below for more details and a copy of the petition opposing this practise.


nickim said...

We visited Venus Bay during the recent wild storm and thought it was the most beautiful unspoilt town. It seems such a shame to sell council reserves when there is already many houses and land sites available for sale. It will totally spoil the undeveloped feel of Venus Bay which is it's major attraction.

Andrew B said...

Very true. Why, with all the other land available sell off these remaining blocks?

info said...

Hi Andrew,

Just letting you know that I really appreciate your blogs on Venus Bay, and read them regularly. No way to the sell off too - It's nice to have reserves, and again the animals need space - That's what makes Venus Bay special.

Andrew B said...

Thanks for your kind comment and for being a regular visitor.