Friday, 20 April 2007

Chainsaw Dilema

Now that it's getting cold at night, thoughts turn to cutting firewood.

After spending the good part of a week agonising what to do about a loose chain on the chainsaw, wondering... do I need to spend the $90 to get 2 new chains airfreighted from Sydney, like the place I bought it from on eBay said I needed to do, or buying the 2 cheaper ones on eBay for $50 plus $10 postage, I decided to take it to the chainsaw shop in Wonthaggi to ask them what to do.

The young guy behind the counter grabbed it out of my hands and took it out the back to emerge a few moments later, chain tightened thanks to a few links removed. The cost? A whole $3! Now I know.

I'd read all the DIY forums, all saying things like turn the adjusting screw.... even though it was already fully extended, get a new chain, make sure the bar is tilited upwards... none of them suggested removing a few links from the chain.

So, if you ever have the same problem, don't wait around or look for a complicated or expensive answer, take it to a chainsaw repair place and get them to do it.

FYI, the one in Wonthaggi is John McCalls Mowers at 7 Murray St.

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